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rsz_maria_och_ewa 200x“NOBEL’S LAST WILL” visades under FILM FESTIVALEN den 24 oktober, 2013 för ca 145 personer på MOCA.   Innan filmen började minglade vi i Rodriguez Paviljongen och njöt vi av svenskt godis och nedkylda drycker.  Det fanns böcker, dalahästar, och annat svenskt för de som ville handla. En del var intresserade av att läsa om svenska uppfinningar eller Nobel priset medan andra träffade gamla eller nya vänner.  Det såldes mycket svenskt godis.  När klockan var 19 samlades vi i biosalongen då Anette introducerade vår ärade gäst Mr. Rolf Williamson, som är Swedish Consul of Norfolk.  Mr. Willilams berättade om Alfred Nobel och presenterade filmen. Det var en spännande och intressant deckare som utspelades i Stockholm under Nobel festen. Det verkade som om alla tyckte om filmen.

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Tusen tack till alla som hjälpte till.  Det var så roligt att se så många SWEOR!

Så här tyckte några om filmen:

“I really enjoyed the film, for so many reasons….the subtitles were on screen long enough to be read and still see the picture and the background made all the letters distinct; the acting and story were well written :  just enough suspense and twists to keep the story line riveting;  appropriate music to compliment the scene; beautiful views of the city and countryside.   Hope it is distributed in the US:  I think it will have a wide artsy audience!!  Thanks for a great evening.  Consider a retrospective about Bergman and his ‘muse’…I can see her face plainly but don’t remember her name.  I loved his films!!!!!!!!!!  Have a great day.”

“My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the SWEA’s “Nobel’s Last Will” movie yesterday evening and I want to thank you for asking us to participate for such a worthy cause.  For us, hailing from Canada, it was also very nice to be involved again socially in a new cultural endeavor.  Please thank all the people who made this lovely night happen as it was a wonderful experience.  Great movie selection as well!”

“We enjoyed your event last night. The movie was very good, sorry Jack missed it.  You had a good turnout for the first year.  Everyone should talk it up so people will look forward to it next year.  Well done!”

“I am a “movie buff” and I certainly thought Nobel’s Last Will was excellent.  If it is shown again locally please let me know.  I have also added a trip to Sweden to my Bucket List. The glimpses of such a beautiful country were an enticing tease!!!!  Thank you again!!”